natural attractions in the vicinity of Lake Orta we have to remember the Natural Reserves of the Sacro Monte , Monte Mesma of Colle della Torre Buccione . Today they are considered as a unique environmental heritage that characterizes the eastern shore of Lake Orta, but in fact were established as three distinct areas by the Piedmont Regional Special Natural Reserve of Sacro Monte of Orta, the Special Nature Reserve of Mount Mesma and the Special Natural Reserve of Torre del Colle Buccione . A single agency management to meet today under the banner of Cusio , Lake Orta , and witness the historical – religious , as well as the natural environment, which enclose and protect the three reserves . It should also be interesting to remember paths and hiking in unspoiled nature : the possible routes are plenty around the entire lake Orta, along the slopes of Mottarone in the green Strona Valley , up to the mountain pastures above Quarna and in the area of the Madonna del Sasso. Last but not least is a place of interest is the absolute Formazza offering , at La Frua (1861 masl) that is considered the most beautiful jump of the Alps, the Cascata del Toce , excellent starting point for long walks to discover the most beautiful alpine lakes in the valley. The waters of this stunning natural spectacle launch themselves into the void 143 meters in height , reaching a radius of the base width of 60 meters . From the Cascata del Toce different paths continue to alpine lakes Pomatt : the first one encountered along the trail is the artificial lake of Morasco , dam entirely feasible through a pleasant and charming perimeter path ; then the path you will come across the lake Sabbione ( 2475 m) , with the ability to stop at cozy mountain huts ( Mores , Somma Lombardo , Bust ) . Through the Gries Pass ( 2463 m ) is passed , however, from Lake Sabbione to Switzerland and then back again in Italy along the St. James Pass ( 2313 m). On the way back is along Lake Toggia ( 2191 masl) , whose waters are regenerated from above Castle Lake ( 2244 m).